Zooming Out and Zooming In

Sheltering in place has given me much time to be both introspective as well as to look out in the wider world. I actually love being in my apartment – on the fourth floor of a big old 1920s apartment building in Detroit.

I’m here now in the time of pandemic more than I had been before, of course. It gives me a great window out to the world. I’ve been enjoying looking out on my lively neighborhood and seeing my neighbors also sheltering in place. My windows out to the world remind me a bit of the 1954 movie “Rear Window” https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/great-movie-rear-window-1954 – minus any murders!

My friend Lori really sums up some of the inner thoughts that I too think of in her own blog, Marima and Ice: https://marimbaandice.blogspot.com/2020/05/reflections-on-quarantine-two-months.html#more.

This time also gives me more time to deeply reflect on the world beyond me and think about deep issues of all sorts. Being in a time of pandemic really underlines to me just how small our world really is – while being huge. And how connected we really all are.

If there’s one thing that I like to have a lot of, it’s hope. And I have hope that we will get past all of this with a brighter future ahead of us!

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