Springtime Growth

This time of pandemic has really given me a great amount of perspective and ability to reflect. As noted in a previous post here in this blog, I’m looking for – and finding – silver linings. I am so very grateful to have a strong network of friends that I’m in contact with in a consistent, caring, and deep way. This is a set of friends from the various “chapters” in my life: I’ve gathered these wonderful people in my life from different people I’ve lived over the years, places I’ve worked, schools that I’ve attended.

Buddhist Temple – Dawalla Beach, Sri Lanka.

The global pandemic has underlined our basic need for connection. As an ambivert, I love equally both my time with people as well as my time alone. My awesome job coach Heather Coleman-Voss (https://www.careersavvycoaching.com/) has introduced me to this term! It is a perfect profile for me. I live just with my cat in my apartment, and I so love it. I have the perfect mix of being social with people that are important to me and that I love, and time solo. Beautiful equanimity!

I feel so very grateful for the incredible people in my life and also for the deep sense of love that I have for myself. I love myself enough to know who is important to me, including me!

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